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...Would you recommend a clean and lube before firing?...(snipped)

New or used, first thing should be a field strip and inspection, during which cleaning of packing/ancient grease/gunk is removed...
then Light Oil...like ONE drop applied with your fingertip on the action...
then One drop on the outside...sometimes two/three drops on the outside depending on size/upcoming weather/6+ months storage planned/etc..

That's my Basic Plan with any new or used...especially used...Inspect & Clean with a capital I & C ;)

Ever find a pristine rifle that had been in a closet for years...go to shoot it and all heck break loose??
Dirt Daubers/other pests can nest Anywhere...and if you don't check first, you can ruin a nice antique...
Nothing like a bulged barrel on what was previously a museum piece/nice firearm to get one's attention ;)
(happened to someone else, but I got the hint...Inspection is KEY...the military taught me clean weapon tactics...)

New weapons are NOT exempt from cleaning & oiling...and Dadgum Sure Not Exempt from Detailed Inspection...
Many a new owner has failed to inspect before purchasing then gets a firearm home, only to find that it has a Flaw...
and then must be sent back to the factory fora few months for repair because It Left The Store...
1 - 2 of 56 Posts
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