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Who are We?

RimFireCentral.com was started by a group of enthusiasts that shared a common passion for Rimfire Central Firearm . Over the years, the site has grown, and today has over 183,000 members. More importantly though, the users of the site have created over 6,100,000 posts of content all related to Rimfire Central Firearm .

Who owns RimFireCentral.com?

RimFireCentral.com is now owned by Second Media Corp, part of the Carbon Media Group. Carbon Media Group owns and operates hundreds of websites, mobile apps and video end-points with the goal of informing, entertaining and empowering our enthusiasts. Our team of volunteer moderators and administrators watch over the content, and actively patrol for spam, user behavioural issues, and make sure threads are in the right categories.

Can I trust the information on RimFireCentral.com?

The beauty of online forums is the information is peer-vetted. Our members have read the content, commented, replied, and helped maintain active conversations around the accuracy of the content you might be reading. In addition, our team of moderators and administrators are looking out for “fake news” and “shill posts” from unauthorized sources.

Who can I contact with questions or complaints?

You can contact our Moderators and Administrators by starting a conversation. You are required to be logged in to do so. Optionally, you can contact a Second Media administrator on our Contact Us page, or by phone or email at:

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