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youth stock for 1022

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i concidering taking five year old daughter shooting i had thought about getting her a chipmunk but fron the reading here i got mixed feeling about the chipmunk so i am wondering if some one know where i can get a youths stock that will work well with the 1022 thanks jklm
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Brownell's carries a youth stock for the 10/22 made by
Wood Plus. They run around $68-. They look pretty nice.

Good luck,
My granddaughter is turning 7 in march and she is still pretty small. I went the same route as Pdwight and scaled down a stock from my 10-22 carbine to fit her, its being painted hot pink and purple(she picked the colors and is helping to paint it). I am going to start her with the factory barrel so she can learn on open sights but I am going to see if I can get a barrel anodized in hot pink from whistlepig for later on when she is ready for a scope. The funnest part has been doing all the work with her involved.
for sale

I suggest you look in the for sale forum for a stock. You can but them for cheap, there are some for sale that was recently posted. Then I suggest you cut the butt off to the size needed.

let me look.

Email me tomorrow. I had one all cut down and refinished from my son. (He's now bigger than me.) If it's still here, you can have it for the price of shipping.
Out of Cabela's shooters catalog, they have 3 stocks as follows. Target stock ( which I just bought )
Youth stock
Standard stock, made from walnut and not too expensive. I payed 69.99 for mine.

I'm redoing a few stoks. If you give me a ballpark LOP I could cut it down, refinish it (paint it if you want) modify for a target or leave as a standard bbl w/ or w/out barrel band knob thing. I'm just doing it for fun (a 16 yr. old's after school project) and to support my .22 shooting ADDICTION! Hehehehe. I'm thinking around $35-$40 Beats $70 bucks, don't it! Give me a pm. I'm currently working on a striped stock w/ vertical 1.5" stripes, modified for target bbl and the forearm flattened for abench to about 2" wide.
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