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I bought a Crickett rifle last year for my 2 daughters (ages 6 & 8) and they've been shooting it with the crude iron peep sight on it. They do ok with it, but the iron sights are just not all that accurate for little kids even at 25 yards.
I've been considering buying them the scope mount for the Crickett and putting a scope on it - question is; what scope? All the adult and rimfire scopes (even the 4x20 straight tube scopes from Tasco) are too long for the rifle and weigh too much.
You can order a 4x32 scope on the Crickett website for $48 - looks like it's a very compact scope (maybe only 8 inches long)from the one photo on their website with it on the rifle. But no other details are listed.
The other option I've looked at is a Tasco 1x30 red dot sight - $35 with a built in mount for 3/8" rails.
So which one do you think? The 4x32 gives added magnification obviously with that much more precision, but I'm worried that with two different shooters using the rifle with 2 different cheek welds, setting the scope well for eye releif could be a problem. The red dot alleviates that problem, and is super compact and light (4 inches long and 5 oz) but has no magnification and the red dot, while easier to use than iron sights, is not as precise as a cross hairs reticle with magnification.
FYI - they shoot at 25 yards and the rifle is only 30 inches long and 2.5 lbs.

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I don't know how good their quality is, but...

...Konus makes a very compact 4x.

...so does TruGlo.
...although it comes with Weaver style rings.

Also, this little Simmons 8-point 2.5x shotgun/black powder scope is decent for a cheaper scope. I had one on my nephews CZ Scout. Keep in mind that the eye relief is 5.5". As you can see it's mounted a bit more forward. I'm trying to picture a Cricket's scope mounts, so I don't know if one of these would work or not.

...eventhough they are discontinued, you can sill find them from time to time. :)
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