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Your Opinion on the More Accurate .22LR Rifle for Club-sponsored Rimfire Challenge (was Competition) Contest?

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I'm new to this competition and need your advice.
I messaged the host to confirm that the Ruger 10/22 and S&W M&P 15/22 are eligible for the rifle portion.
I know that the 10/22 has a longer barrel (18.5" vs. 16.5")
Other than testing both out at the range, has anyone found one more accurate than the other, both kept in stock condition?
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10/22 is a very popular rifle for Appleseed. Probably 90% of the rifles on the line are 10/22. I am tempted to call it the de facto standard Appleseed rifle.
A bolt gun will put you at a disadvantage in the rapid fire stages. It can be done, and done well, but you have to be quick to cycle the bolt.

Get yourself a USGI sling.
AmmoGarand Green Web Sling M1 Garand US GI Pattern Two Point OD Cotton Made in USA https://a.co/d/8JZPySX
Or a Magpul RLS sling.
Magpul RLS Rifleman Loop Two Point Standard Rifle Sling https://a.co/d/j9UScoQ
Both work well for hasty and loop slings.

Use the sights/dot/scope of your choice.

Most importantly be sure your rifle and ammo are reliable. Get out and shoot. It has to go bang every time, and feed and eject properly.
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