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You guys make this fun!!

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I wanted to start a thread to acknowledge all the nice helpful folks we've got assembled here. This forum seems to be the rare exception of helpful, friendly guys who will do everything they can to get you to participate. No one makes you feel stupid, everyone is willing to do their part.

There is a wealth of information and knowledge here, Skeeter, Nemo, Rigger, Vincent, Que among many others here. Ruger66 showing off all of his fascinating and beautiful pieces, I don't know where you find that stuff.

Part of what made me write this was a recent WTB ad I placed looking for a plain old beech/birch stock. I had purchased a stainless/synthetic model and didn't care for the plastic stock but I don't want to buy a nice stock as I don't know what I want yet. So I place the ad and wait and a nice guy by the name of Brian (Sparks1954 on RFC), replied he'd send me one and I could pay him for the shipping. Couple days go by and I shoot him an email asking what I owe him for shipping. He tells me forget it, consider it a gift, he didn't need it. Yeah, I know, it's only $8 for the shipping but it blew me away. I'm on a few other firearm forums but they aren't like this.

You guys make this a great place to hang and talk about shooting and I just wanted to say thanks. By the way, here's the stock Sparks1954 sent me on my future Superstocker, which is in front of my future Ultimate. Have a good weekend guys.

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Most of us are glad to help when we can!! Don't worry, in a few weeks you'll find yourself helping someone else. Thats why we all come here, we learn, we help others, and we enjoy the hobby/sport.
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