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Yooper Shoot.

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Been raising kids for a few years. About time to get back into shooting. Do you guys still do the yooper shoots?
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Wow no replies. I sure hope all the things the late great Joe Haller brought to this community have not passed with him. Guess I will try to find the CCSC online.
CCSA Going to have to wait until spring but in case anyone is interested

if i put this in the wrong spot please let me know and i will move it.
Yooper shoots continue in a somewhat abbreviated state.

Next shoot will probably be May 2017. This year (2016) they were for the most part on 2nd Sat of the month. Id expect that to continue in 2017. The club tried Sundays, Sundays alt w/ Saturdays. It seems to work out that some shooters always get a conflict no matter what day is picked.

I don't know how long it has ben since you shot but Ive been shooting just over 10 yrs now. I probably know you if you've shot in the last 9-10 yrs. PM for further discussion.

Schedule is usually finalized in March. Contact Brian Henry for more info. suggestions, etc.([email protected])

Have lost a lot of shooters in 10 yrs. Good to hear of a returnee. Ive volunteered to carpool for below the bridge but have not had any takers.
Shoots will be 2nd Saturday of months May thru October 2017. Starting time is 930AM but can shoot if you arrive anytime before noon. Traget fees are $2/target.

Targets are USBP at 25 and 50 yards and A23/5 at 50 yards w/ IRON sights.

Ill be attending from the lower and can pick anyone up from Gaylord North along I75.
PM for questions etc.
Post a schedule, if you would. I live in SE lower Peninsula. My out-laws (fits better than "in-laws") live in Iron County, and I look for reasons to wander up there.

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