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Yikes, guys. This is too complicated.

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Sorry. I've really tried.
I've been reading these posts for two days, and I'm still not knowing what I should buy. I'm losing patience in my old age. ;) Here's my story.
I just bought a Ruger 10/22 Target model and I want a good target scope, with the turrets etc. I'll be shooting 25-100 yards, maybe more if the gun can handle it. I had my eye on the Burris #Bur200824 here, but now I read that they don't do well under 50yds. Sheesh!
So, I'll appreciate some specific reccommendations. The Burris ($540) price is absolute tops, and even at that a little scary, but I don't expect a cheapie to do what I want either.
Also, dot vs plex?
Much thanks.
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If I had that much money for a scope I would buy a Leupold.

WOW! $540 is a lot of money for a scope that fits your needs.

All will focus down to 25 yards (or much closer) and would work very well out to the end of the Ruger's abilities. My short list, by preference and price:

Weaver T-36 - Fixed power, good optics, in the $420 price range at www.swfa.com

Sigtron SII Target 36X42, $350 or so at www.whittakerguns.com

The Swift Premier 8-32X50 is pretty darn nice for $230 at www.eabco.com

Lastly, the Mueller Eradicator 8-25X50, right at $200 at www.eabco.com

Personally, I prefer a dot, fine cross hairs are getting tough for me to see and would lean towards a fixed power scope for (usually) superior brightness over variables. Would suggest the variable power scopes if you do any hunting with the Ruger, much easier to get on target at lower powers.
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This is what I need to see!

Fixed, huh? Sounds good, but won't I lose the target at closer ranges? 36x seems a little much for 25yds. My spotter (at 30x) has trouble focusing that close.
I don't plan to hunt, unless Al's Big Burger goes under. ;)
A good series of scopes is the Simmons Pro-Air, not high end but unless you are a master shooter it will probably do anything you want.

These scopes were developed for air/pellet guns so they are pretty well built.
Try a Simmons #1048...6.5-20X44......target knobs ....will focus to 25 yards
$100.00 to $150.00 depending on best deal.

we have 4 of the #1048 on 10/22T, AR15, .25-06 and .308 all have lasted for 2 plus years
With a good 36x scope, you get to see the grain in the paper at 25 yards. Yes, they really do focus in that well. Does take some discipline to get onto the target because the field of view is pretty small.

Weaver and Sightron both make a 24X and for target shooting at 100 yards, you'd probably not want anything much below that.

One of the best variables that fit your criteria under 30X is probably the Bushnell 6-24x40 Elite 4200. They're about $450 and might be a good compromise if you're unsure of committing to a high power fixed scope. Like the Burris you'd already pointed out, it's a very good scope. I'd avoided both since you'd mentioned only shooting targets. I'd lay odds you'll set the magnification once, and leave it so way pay for features you're unlikely to use?

For you and your Ruger, think I'd look to the Sighton target in 24X for a fixed, or probably the Mueller for a variable, but I think I keep an eye on budget a bit closer than you.

Still, hope I've at least helped to narrow the field down a bit for you, or at least give you more food for thought.

With your budget, there are a lot of very good scopes out there, it's finding ones that will go down to 25 yards that's the issue. I've a great Nikon that's available under your budget, but 25 yards taint happening with it. Leupold does some really nice EFR scopes that'll do 25 yards, but they bust the buget if you want enough magnification for 100 yards and many/most? of the Leupold are like the Nikon, and are more of a 35-50 yard minimum.

Good luck!
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I've been giving it some thought since I read your first post about the 36x fixed. What you say makes sense. I think I'll go to a shop around here that stocks the Sigtron and look for myself. Also they can advise me on mounting. Like, is the Weaver rail that comes with the gun okay?
I'm not rich, but I paid $400 for the gun (it's the Race Rifle limited edition), so why be cautious now? :)
The Burris your looking at doesn't just fail to do well below 50 yards. 50 yards is pretty much a hard limit to how close it will focus for you. That isn't what you want.

This is more like it

Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24x with target dot etc. etc. There is little difference in the optical quality of this and the Burris. And this one is useful down to 10 yards. $379

As for the dot or plex, well depends on your use. Dot will be useful only for targets or maybe varmints in bright sunlight. Dots are not the ticket for hunting in general.

I agree with the previous poster in that most likely you will end up with it on 24x and leave it. So a fixed 24x would be more efficient. But the Elite 4200 is such a well done scope you really aren't giving up much with the variable. And it gives you options for other unanticipated uses. Also is available in a nice mil-dot version.

But this is a high quality great scope which when combined with the AO to 10 yards makes it close to ideal for high power magnification on a rimfire.
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What you really need to do is get out and look through some of the scopes that are of interest to you. Look through the cheaper scopes first then look through the ones in the 540 dollar range. It is always a lot better to handle the merchandize before you buy. Then decide what you will buy.

I would think about a 6x18 leupold vari x II with an adjustable objective, if I were you...they sell on gunbroker for around 410.00...but then again I am a Leupold guy!
Mr GAP said:

What you really need to do is get out and look through some of the scopes that are of interest to you. Look through the cheaper scopes first then look through the ones in the 540 dollar range. It is always a lot better to handle the merchandize before you buy. Then decide what you will buy.
Yeah, that's what I meant. Gunshops will let you do that. They'll even show you stuff to look at at various distances.
I bought my rifle the third time I went and looked at it. Now I have to wait my 10 days, so i'll decide and buy the scope while I'm waiting. Ready to go shoot it June 11. :p
Someone owns a gun in Berkeley?...ya learn something new everyday!
bfishj said:
Someone owns a gun in Berkeley?...ya learn something new everyday!
You'd be surprised. You should be around here on July 4th or New Years Eve.
Don't get me started. :rolleyes:
Go with the Weaver T-36. I have three of them, and they're outstanding. I have two with the dot and fine X-hairs, and one with just fine X-hairs. The crosshairs on the one without the dot, have a tendancy to get "lost" in the target.... IF the target has crosshairs printed on it. The dot (for me) fits nicely in the X ring on the ARA 50 yard benchrest target.

I also have two of the Simmons M1048 scopes. They're good scopes, but the crosshairs are (for me) a bit to thick for fine target work, if that's the primary intended use.

Choosing is half the fun. :D
i just purchased a new bushnell elite 4200 8-32x40mm AO and it is awesome. it comes with two types of target turrets, sunshade and lens covers. all for under $395.00. in my opinion it puts everything else in the shade other than leupolds and high end european models. it will dial down to 10 yards, advertised 95% or greater light gathering, full multicoating lens, 1/8" clicks, solid sturdy one piece construction, great warranty, etc.
i have a sightron, swift, nikon and bushnell scopechief on my other rifles for comparison.
if you are interested go to e-bay and look for the "hunting" category than look for "scopes, lasers and optics". do a search for "elite 4200" and check out the listings of the 6-24x40mm or 8-32x40mm. either one is available new for under $400.00
in my experience when you go above 15x or so many of the affordable or medium priced scopes get a little dim to see thru, but the elite stays clear right up to the top
as i stated earlier this is my opinion based on my experience, but the elite 4200 stands up very well in comparisons to leupolds on other forums and is worth serious investigation
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After much consideration....

I just ordered the Sightron SII 36x42BRD target scope from Darrel and Becky (@ Whittaker Guns). Seem like nice people, and he knew exactly what I needed. Good price. Good site. Nice experience. :) I could hear her in the background talking while she looked up the shipping.
Thanks, all, for the help.
I just came across your thread. I don't think you will be disappointed with your Sightron. Let us know how it works for you.

I think you'll be very pleased with the Sightron. Really hope I did not steer you wrong.

Yea, you could have spent more money, you could have gotten an better scope, but the SII is a heck of a scope for the money

I just wonder how long it'll be before you want to shoot tigher groups than the Ruger can and start to "improve" on it? I'm guessing, but from your original budget, I'd say you've got a few hundred dollars or so looking to find their way onto your rig!

Let us know what you think of the scope once you get some range time with it.
As an FYI, I have both the Weaver 36X and the Sightron 36X..... same scope side by side and Sightron offers a no questions replacement should you ever have a problem.
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