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xtra 93r .17hmr mags ??

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yea, figured the best place to look is the manu. well, went to their site and they must have them hiding someplace. cant find them. what am i missing??

thanks for a link or something.

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I can't find it on their web site either. The booklet that comes with your gun says you can order parts direct - 413-568-7001. Part number 703327.
But I do know where you can buy a keychain, beltbuckle or a hat :D !
When I first bought my 93 I called them about the magizine and the feeding problems, they sent me a free one in the mail! :t The local Wally World here carries them.
I've seen the mags for sale pretty much everywhere. The 93R17 uses the exact same mag as the 22mag. version of the rifle.
Cabelas and Cheaper Than Dirt carry them as well.

dont have the gun yet, no booklet either. am not "addicted", just wanna know where to get xtra mags / clips ahead of time. lol. but yea found a place for around $14.00


Just contacted Savage told them I was having feed problems and they are sending out a new mag. great service. :)
and that is totally crooked and down right dishonest. think i'll give it a try, lol.

I just did the same, and Savage is sending a new one my way aswell. If you follow this route, make sure you specify that the "feeding problem" is with the mag. and not the clip that holds the mag.; otherwise they will want you to send in your rifle for fixing. Very good service. ;)
Just imagine their service department as 20 people from the forum call for magazines with feeding problems.
lol. yea USA, they may think that they have to re-tool their presses with all these mag "probs". a buddy is heading for the BIG city and will check out wallys for me on the mags. dont even have the gun yet. but am NOT addicted. lol.

hopefully they will have the 22lr dynapoints. have heard so much about but could never get any.

ShootNut said:
When I first bought my 93 I called them about the magizine and the feeding problems, they sent me a free one in the mail! :t The local Wally World here carries them.
I had probs out of the box with my mag...Called Savage and they told me I had to send it in. Which of course meant no shooting for however long it took to get another one. Forget That!! I just smacked it and beat it and tweaked it till it worked LOL...just kidding...It's not perfect but working now...gotta get a new one or two soon though...I wish they would have just sent me a new one though :(
that is why, i would hesitate calling, and trying to get a new one. would be my luck and get a grouch rep and demand i send the old one in. lol. will just buy a few more.

I have always had to push up on the mag in order for it to feed properly as well. Right out of the box. I just figured that at the price I paid it wasn't a big deal. I will see if the new mag makes a difference. The CS rep. at Savage suggested trying a new mag first before I send the gun back for repair. Sounded good to me.
Just got it

Just got the magazine to day ( see message above from plcfcng) Thanks savage for the quick service.
How would I tell an old style mag that has feeding problems from a new style mag that has been corrected?
My new mag. came in on Friday. I think Savage must have one of the best CS departments around. Great service and quick response. :t
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