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WTK: Who carries quality leather slings for my Special/Trainer

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I'm gonna have more $$$ spent on accesories than the gun cost!
I this a re-occuring problem? Is there a group for my problem :p

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Brownell's sells their Latigo sling in 1" width that will probably fit the stock sling swivels. Its an excellent shooting sling.

What I did for my Special was buy two Uncle Mike's 115 Wood Screw Studs (Brownell's part number 080-769-300) and replace the stock studs to better fit the Uncle Mike's detachable sling swivels (which you can buy seperately on their web site if you need them). The screws come in one length only but it was trivial to cut the screw for the forearm to length (the screw for the buttstock was fine as it was).

The Uncle Mike's swivels would have fit the stock screws, just barely, but because the stock studs are more narrow than the Uncle Mike's studs, Uncle Mike's swivels rattle when moved side-to-side. With Uncle Mike's studs you get a nice clean fit so that doesn't happen.
Thanks, that worth looking into!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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