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woulda', coulda', shoulda'..

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any of you guys have a model that you wished you had picked up when you initially saw it at the LGS..only to go back later to get it, and it was gone

I had a chance to pick up a used SS Compact in a black laminate stock earlier this week at Sportsman's Wharehouse in Yuma, but I let it slide, thinking it would hang around a little while on the shelf, and I could always come back later in the week and pick it up

went in today to look at it again, and make a decision on bringing it home, and it had already sold...shoulda' known better...these last few years that I've been messing around with these Compacts, this was the first black laminate stocked one I'd seen..

pic for reference...not the actual rifle at Spoertsman'e

oh well, I can only hope some kid received it as a reward for doing something great, and realizes it's something a bit unique
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I ran in to this a couple times lately, but with slightly better results, though that is not normally the case. Actually the last 3 rifles I've purchased, have been that way.

The last one was a 1997 ruger stainless in a boat paddle stock. Price was $300 with a junk scope, 1 mag, no case. Condition is about a 6, rifle is filthy, and the front sight is missing. I didnt want to pay that so I thought about it for a couple days, came back and it was gone. I asked about it and they said they hadn't stocked all the guns because they were running behind that day. The guy went in the back and brought it up front. I got it for $250 +tax & ffl. Score!
planning on swinging by the LGS this weekend...may see if I can pick up something as an early B-Day present to myself ;)
I always thought I could go get a 9410 shotgun whenever I was ready. Well, I have not even seen one in twenty years.
You may not want to look.
planning on swinging by the LGS this weekend...may see if I can pick up something as an early B-Day present to myself ;)
blew off the trip to the LGS this weekend, and went to the power sports place instead...ended up buying a new stroker motor with a big cam and some billet internal parts for one of my bike builds...a new KIDD would have been cheaper
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cracked-cornish.......I started playing drag race in 1959 with a 348 inch '59 Chevy, promptly got out run by a street driver '60 Pontiac. I bought a new Pontiac in '61, drag race version. Was also drive to work version! Fifty two years and many full size Pontiacs later, Donna lost her left foot to a farm tractor.......ended our race efforts or I might still be at it. We bought many machine guns during this era too. Still have many.

Hesitating to buy........In the late 1960s era I looked at a WW 2 carry home. Was priced at $7500. Whatta joke that was....

I saw one recently go at auction for $239,000. I have two MG 42s, I paid about $6000 for the pair.....not sure what these run of the mill versions will auction for but an early one went at a fall '22 auction for $92.000. Plus...........sales tax, buyers and sellers fees. He didn't get home with this gun for any less than $100,000.

Think that through when hesitating........


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