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would this work?

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the match i shoot in has a 2lb trigger minium
take 2lbs of weight tied to a fishing string and a fishing hook put the hook on the trigger and see if it lifts it...would this be the same?

i kinda worded this wierd
but would this be accurate enough to tell me if im over 2 lbs?
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Yes, that is an accurate way to measure trigger pull weight.

It is most accurate when nothing at all touches anything but the trigger itself (ie don't let the string touch the stock).
The trigger should also be perpendicular to the ground (the rifle should point perfectly straight up)

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Might very well be more accurate than alot of gages. Dead weights don't have any springd to go wrong, etc. Even if it touches the stock a little here or there the string has almost no drag. Don't worry about it. Just weigh it.

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I have always used a 2-quart milk jug for this. Make a hook or use a large fishhook if you wish, tie it to the jug with a length of twine. Get out a measureing cup from your kitchen cupboard. Pour water in the jug 1 or 2 ounces at a time until the trigger wont lift the jug without being tripped- you have now found the weight of your trigger. Works great, less expensive!! :D
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