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Wooo Hooooooo!!

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Woo Hoooo!!!! Yanked a 246 5x on the 25 yd today! (Heck, it's the first time I busted past 240).

Looks like all the Ruger tinkering is finally coming together~

Got all warm and fuzzy inside and my head swelled, until I shot a couple 50 yd targets and flopped. The 195 and 203 3x humbled me back to earth. :p

...then again, I kin blame it on the wind gusts :D
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Way to go! I'd stick with 25yds till you are consistent at that range. You can work on your technique and just get "comfortable" with your equipment. Plus its an awful lot easier on the ol' ego.

Then scoot out to 50 from time to time and practice shooting groups till you can put 'em inside a nickel on a consistent basis.
Make a couple of cheap wind flags and learn to rely on what they tell you.

You'll see your scores go up!

Congrats on the 246! Keep It Up! JL

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Arfgh!!!! I did it again. Went to the 50 on Easter Sunday to shoot my last 2 50 yd targets for the month. On the Brookie practice sheets, I punched a couple one holers withe Aquila SE. So, feeling all brave and confident, I went and hung the real targets.


209 and a couple X's.

The rifle is on, it's just my bags. Seemed like I could hook up nice with them at 25, but on the 50 I couldn't seem to get a groove.

Thanks for the thumbs up!

(I'll be on the 25 trying to look cool until I find a 50 groove and flag it :p )
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