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Woodchucks Contender Style

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Just as I was getting ready for work this evening the phone wrang. It was a guy that lives buy the Implement Dealer in town. Kieth told me there was a couple Woodchucks running around in the vacant lot behind the Implement. I told Kieth that I was getting ready for work, and would be over there in a few minutes.

I grabbed up the Custom 6mm T/CU Contender loaded with 55gr. Nosler Ballistic Tips and headed for the vacant lot behind the Implement Building. I set up so I was shooting out of town. As I was looking over the situation I quickly questioned my choice of weapon. I had thought the range would be longer thus the choice I made.

Well when Mr. Woodchuck showed himself he was about 70 yards away. I was lining up the crosshairs and the dad blasted gun went off. Yep a club fingered idiot with a finely tuned trigger doesn't work all the time. At the shot, it was so dad blasted LOUD it scared me. Oppps, wrong gun, and Mr. Woodchuck was gone.

I went back home and grabbed up the Super 14 Match Grade .22 LR, and a handfull of Remington BULK Hollow Point ammo. I went back to the same spot, but all I saw was Cottontail Rabbits. But wait a minute, that's a funny looking rabbit. The reason was it was a curled up Woodchuck. I set the bypod on a Combine Header and lined up the crosshairs (this time I left the club fingers at home), and at the shot Mr. Woodchuck collapsed. I thought to myself, that is the way it should have worked the FIRST TIME.

I sat a few more minutes, and was just ready to leave when Mrs. Woodchuck showed up. This time I set the bypod on the hood of the Ford Explorer, lined up the crosshairs and touched the 1 1/2 pound trigger and Mrs. Woodchuck was collected.

After all of this I figured I had better get back to work, or at least real work that is. It is days like this that I really do love my job. Now it is back to reality.

Now if I could just get those sneaky Coyotes that slipping into the City Park in the wee hours of the morning.

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Larry do you have a lot of ground hogs ( A.K.A. wood chucks in SD? ) Does anyone know their range? I'm in western NC and we have a good population of them here and some very large specimens. I think this is pretty close to the southern most limit of their range. I travel a lot and have never seen any south of Atlanta but have seen lots just north of there. By the way I liked your story. The same thing happened to me last fall as I was easing my 22-250 out the truck window to blast a big chuck grazing in a collard green field. Scared me much more than the ground hog which just stood up to see what was going on. His mistake lol.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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