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wood for stocks

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i pulled a piece of winter huckelberry out of a wind row today i coolsealed the ends and put it in the attic of my shop with somemore logs i have drying in about 6mos i will take it to the local mom and pop mill and get them to kiln it to 10% moisture this piece only has a 7'' base but over 80 growth rings so it is very dense i have built a few small pieces spoons magnalite pot handles and so drawer handles out of it. what worried about is that it does not take urathane well at all the wood is a little oily it has a silky feel when sanded out it will take oil but i dont remember seeing a oiled stock.
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Never heard of oiling stocks?
A WHOOOOOOOOLE lot of stocks are oiled.
Most of the people on this forum use some sort of oil on their wood stocks, usually a tung oil based oil.
Lots of other oils used on guns are linseed oil based too.
Maybe you could get some boiled linseed oil and let the wood soak it in, then do a top coat of tung oil or Birchwood Casey's Tru-oil.
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