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Wolf Match Target availability

I ordered a case of Wolf Match Target and a case of Eley Trainer three weeks ago from Champion Shooters Supply. The Trainer came in a week. The Wolf was backordered. We have 20 members in our club and the Trainer is all gone. When is the Wolf MT coming? Who knows? We bought half a case of CCI Standard Velocity from a local dealer (at a premium price) to hold us over while we wait for the Wolf.

In desperation, three days ago I ordered a case of Wolf Match Extra from Champion. Wolf Match Target shoots well if you can get it. If you can't get it, you can't shoot it. Wolf Match Extra is worth the extra cost to us right now: Because we can get it.

Of course you guys up north don't want to shoot this time of year anyway. Our club down here in Mission Texas has a match scheduled for next Tuesday. The weather man sez it will be 85 degrees on Tuesday.

One of our members still has two cartons of WMT left over from last summer. It's really pathetic to see grown men beg. But: Anybody up there stuck in a snowbank willing to loan us some Wolf MT?

Joe Haller - Winter Texan
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