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wolf match extra made by Eley?

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Sorry if this has been discussed- no luck find info on RFC or elsewhere online.

I just received an order of Wolf Match Extra from a distributor in NC; according to the box, it was made in England by Eley, and in fact, case heads are stamped with an E, the box is plastic with an Eley-like sliding top and the lot number format is the same as Eley.

Everything I've read indicated that WMT, WME, SK Standard Plus and SK Rifle Match are made in the same facility, on the same line, by Lapua in Germany. I entered the lot number of the WME in the Eley lot analyzer- lot not found.

Has anyone compared the Lapua and Eley versions?

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at one time wolf 22 lr ammo was made by Lapua. it was the same quailty as sk ammo. then lapua stopped making 22 lr ammo for wolf. it looks like wolf got someone else to make 22 lr ammo for them. thw wolf/lapua ammo had a lube like coating on the bullet. what type of bullet lube does the new wolf have? just found it over at outdoor limited and looking at it i can see it is made by eley and not by lapua. same price as the old lapua made ammo. well if you buy some you will have to recheck your sights because it is different brand and lube. now i would like to know what type of eley it is.
sk is made by lapua. at one time wolf 22 lr was made by lapua/sk. but by looking at the picture and reading the box over at outdoor limited.com it looks like wolf is now made by eley.
eley lot analyer stated lot not found. i used every wolf 22 lr ammo lots numbers that i could see from ol sight. but this happen with eley's low end ammo.
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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