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I've only seen 2 in my life and I'm 52 and been shooting since I was little. My uncle has an early one that he had to refinish because it was rough when he got it in a trade.

I bought a 72A w/ the original peep sight around about 1984 for $150. It still had the factory grease in it, but didn't have a box, papers or hang tag. It had been won in a golf tournament in Philly and propped in a closet by a guy who didn't shoot. It was a really good shooter from what I could tell, but I never put a scope on it or shot it much. I sold it for $200 to someone I knew about 8 years ago.

Now I see they're $450 in the Blue Book in 100% condition. Oh well, $200 meant more to me then than $450 does now.

Let me think a minute...for $235 I'd rather have a new CZ Special than a used 72. Well, maybe not if the 72 had regular sights on it - but probably. Yup, I guess it depends on what you like.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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