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Winchester 9417 ???

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Just got back from the local gun shop..They have a NEW Winchester 9417 in the .17HMR. I actually was looking for a .22Mag but since they didn't have one, I started looking at the .17.

The fit, finish, trigger pull etc all seems quite nice on this particular rifle. Right now it is on hold for me.
Bye the bye. This rifle has NO lawyer stuff. It's just like the old days of half cock and full cock!!

In doing a little background, it seems that the Winchester 9417 were only two years, with last year (2004) being the last year. Is this right?

The only reason I'm interested in it, is the answer I gave the wife: "It's there and I don't have one!'' She said: "That's good enough reason!" You gotta love that "Girl"!

My main question...Is the .17HMR 'THE' caliber to get in the .17 Rim Fires? Please, I don't mean any offense and don't want to start a "War" with this question!
Maybe rephrase it better....Would this (.17HMR) be a 'better' example/representative of the .17's?

Thank You!
Regards, Jack
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If you don't mind me asking but what is the asking price? I shelled out $350 on sale for mine and it's fun to shoot. At a 100yds it run's in the 1" to 1.5" groups for 5 shots which I consider good for a lever. It was only made for a couple years and should hold it's value in the future I hope.

If the wife says to go for it there shouldn't be nothing holding you back.
Don't laugh!! I don't know the price yet! There was a tag on it and all I asked: "Is there room on this?" They looked and said yes!
I know it won't be a super, shop abound look for the cheapest deal. The store is local but they ALWAYS take care of me on EVERYTHING.
I've figured out that a "Cheaper" price winds up not so, due to FFL, shipping etc..and there is always the possibilty of faulty goods or lost shipments.

Funny thing....I haven't liked any Winchester for forty years (Especially the angle eject) but this one feels just like a turn of the century 1894!

Thanks for the fast reply!
I'll pick it up tomorrow!

The only annoying thing is the cost for a good .17 cleaning rod! I figure though, that with such a small hole, you BETTER have a quality rod!

Regards, Jack

It's a great shop. If you are interested in something used, you (and some of the 'staff') can test fire it out the side door! If it's new, you have to buy it first but you know right then if there is a problem.

They had a New S&W 500 in the case for a while and were anxious for someone to buy it so they could 'test' fire it for the customer! It did sell and there was some Serious testing done (I missed it!)!! Whenever I mention that S&W, the place goes wall to wall grins!!
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:t Since your wife doesn't mind, GO FOR IT! That I know of, they were only made for 2 years which should help with the collector value (I could care less, mine's a shooter). Picked mine up for $360 on sale. The 9422M is really hard to find. Was visiting my bro-in-law in Md. on Super Sunday. They live near the Bass Pro Shop. Went in to look around and there they were. 2 9422 mags. My son and I grabed them both. Now both of us have them in 22lr, 22 mag & 17hmr. They all shoot great and the fit and finish are very good. If you like lever actions, this is the one to get.
Just my $0.02. :p
I use a Patchworm on my 17's, it works good and it's cheap. :t Your local shop sounds a lot like a couple I hang around, except we can't shoot guns out the back door. :D I like buying my rifles from a shop that knows my first name and treats me like a person rather than the next sale. The 94/17 has a good "bark" to it and it really is fun to shoot steel plates at a 100yds. :)

Just be careful because lever rimfires seem to follow you home after the addiction sets in. :D
AK and crbrookie..
I AM going up tomorrow and get it. However, now there is "Another Delema"! Seems that I have skipped a whole generation of Rim Fire. I still don't have one in .22 Mag!! Then again: "Do I really 'need' one?"... PROBABLY!!......Yeah I do!!

I'm bad....and I still have the word out for a Win 1894 no older than 1920 in any caliber or configuration. This one I want a Face to Face purchase! ;)

Will the .17HMR barrel require extra care (As opposed to .22LR) due to the plated high speed bullet?

Regards, Jack

You should see the fit and finish on this rifle and it's as slick as greased ice with a light crisp trigger! The only glitch is the way the inner mag tube locks. It almost doesn't. I read on RFC a while back, the cure is an 'O' ring under the knob to tighten it up.

Heck, I just bought my 9422M last week and this week I started working at a horse ranch. Never knew that would happen, either one. After work today me and another guy went down to the river and shot up some bottles and took some shots at buzzards. Here we were, out by the river on the back rolling meadow pasture with horses in the distance, and I look over and see my co-worker actioning the lever on a rapid string at things floating down river, and I knew it was a grand day indeed. Now that was a perfect gun, for the perfect time and occasion!

Then the owner came out and told me he would pay me to shoot some coyotes and birds around the ranch. This is a great gig!
I haven't read anything about the 17 rifles needing more care than a .22lr. As for the need of a .22 Mag...you bet. Gotta have all the bases covered! As for the mag tube being loose, I never have any problems since the mag tube will have ammo in it which puts pressure on the tube to hold it in place. :t

Furocious, your not enjoying your .22 Mag lever are you? Maybe you need to buy a single shot. :D
Do you need one in 22 mag? You sure do and 22 lr also. As AK said, these rifles are very addictive. My 22lr shoots Dynapoints very well and at $9.00 a box of 500 from Wally World you can have a lot of enexpensive fun. :Blasting_
I bought a 9422M Yellowboy a couple of months ago. Paid out the nose for it, but the workmanship on it is absolutely first rate. The low end .22's just don't compare. They will shoot, but it's like comparing a really fine 12 year old bourbon to blended rotgut.

Every so often, treat yourself to the best.
I really like my 9422M. It's actually one of my favorite guns and goes with me on my horse most of the time. Whether to get the 17 or 22mag depends on what you are going to do with it. For me the 22 mag is a little more versatile for my daily use. My 17's are bolt guns that I enjoy for accuracy and longer range shooting that, for me, requires a bigger type scope...and I a big scope just doesn't look right on my lever guns IMHO. With Win. Supremes and a Leupold 2.5x7 RF scope, my 9422M comes in just under 1" for 100 yards.

The only 9417 I have seen was at Cabela's in Kearney, NE and unfortunately is was not as good of wood and finish as my 9422M. (However, they did have a T/C Classic with gorgeous wood.)

Either way I am sure you will enjoy the gun.
I have 2 9422m's and they are two of my favorite rifles. One with deluxe checkering I bought new in the box at a gun store auction for $250 about 5 years ago. The other I just bought used for $300 and it had a scratch on the receiver which I think can be repaired. Both shoot well with 3x9 scopes with groups of about 1" or so at 50 yards. I really have not tried groups much with them except sighting in--most of their use is on gophers. I may have to try the group thing out of curiousity. I will say this about the .22 mag--a solid hit on a gopher at 50 yards will get you more air time than either a .22lr or a .17HMR (all of which I have used on gophers).
Thank you for all your input! It is now sitting in my den. I believe it is a 2003 Model 9417. The gun store treated me real well. It wasn't a $350 deal but not really too much over it when you add up all the stuff thrown in.

We have been having badly needed rain for three days but I should be getting to the range shortly the next time we have some sun which could be tomorrow or Sunday. It'll give me time to read all the paperwork that's in the box and to give it a rub down.

It seems that it might be a little pricey to feed....Oh well, thats life! Not as much as some of the other stuff though!

QUESTION! Are these 17 HMR's prone to ricochets or do they just break up on impact? Point being; if they hit a rock, etc. behind the target.

Oh! When I was leaving the house to go get it, the wife said: " I'll buy it for your Father's Day Present!!"

Regards, Jack

Bye the bye. I mentioned a 22 Mag when leaving the shop and they just threw stuff at me! I have baited their hook!
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:t Glad to hear you got your 9417. Your right, they can be a little expensive to shoot. I can get 17gr Hornady V-Max locally for $7.50 a box. That's why I say you might want to pick up a 9422 in 22lr. My sons and I love to load them up with 15 rounds and bounce tin cans around the range. We don't do that very often with the 17's. We did mount scopes on our 94's to see what ammo shot best in them but have since gone back to iron sights. We all have bolt actions in lr,mag, and hmr's with scopes on them when we get serious about accuracy or longer range hunting. In the early small game season when the leaves are on the trees, the 94's are the rifles we take since shots are usually not very long.
The V-Max bullets in my experiance have always broke up on contact with the ground. I can't say for the TNT's, hollow points or XTP's. Haven't really used them much.
Since you have the hook baited, set the hook and reel 'em in. You'll like the 22 mag too.

Have fun and ENJOY! :)
Oh, I HAVE the .22 LR's. Have been shooting a Win 67 since '49 and a Marlin 39A since '54. Yesterday I got the bug for a .22 Mag but they didn't have one. I was handed the 9417 and the love affair for THAT particular gun started. There is another one on the rack but I wouldn't even look at it!

Until yesterday, I would have bet I would NEVER own a 17 Rim Fire and I would have also bet that I would NEVER own an Angle Eject Winchester! It was that particular rifle that did it!
This rifle is like going back 75 years with the way it looks, feels and functions. It snaps to my shoulder with the sights lined up "Right Now" even with my eyes closed!
The frosting on the cake (For me) is it's a straight grip! Just like my '52 Marlin 336RC/.35 Rem.!

I'll eventually find the 22 Mag just to round things out!

Regards, Jack

Right now the 9417 is trying "To make nice" to my '36 Model 71 Winchester. I think they will become friends! :)
There must be something in the air because I went to the gunshop and wouldn't you know it they had a used 94/22 Mag sitting in the rack. It's an older one without the checkering and in great condition. :t I really didn't need another Win Mag but I just love the 94/22 rifles too much to let it pass. :D I put some cash down on it and I'll bring it home later...$275 and I was hooked. They had it for less than a week so anybody else that was looking at it....ya snooze ya loose. :D

When you compare the price for Mag and HMR ammo there really isn't much difference. I am sure your other rifles won't get too jealous with that 94/17 sitting next to them. :D
I bought my first 9422, a .22LR with the large loop, in January soon after I heard they were being dropped from the line. I wanted the .22 mag Trapper but found a LNIB 9417 upstate NY this past weekend for 389.00 +Tax. Shot fifty rounds from it already, shoots great. I did not know they were only made for two years. Very glad I found a good one. I still want the .22 mag. I realy want the yellow boy but the only one I saw was $595.00. I might just get the Trapper. MIKE.
Mike 103..
Congadulations on your find!
I found out mine (NEW) is a 2003 model. I had it out shooting yesterday and it is a hoot to shoot! I wasn't in shooting mode yesterday but the opportunity was there to go to the range so I jumped on it. I had trouble at first due to the hood (Too much shade, couldn't find the sight) but once I took it off "The Games Began! :)
I got better as the ammo supply dwindled. (50 rds)
One thing is for sure...It's an awesome plinker!! To me that translates to one shot=meat!

I found that the barrel gets rather hot fast. Guess if you can still touch it, it'll be OK!
It sure makes a tiny hole in the paper. Hard to see when you are used to .45ACP!

Like you, I'm still on the prowl for a .22 Mag.

Regards, Jack

Oh! I gave it a cleaning before going to the range and found out THEN it is a takedown!
Talk about buying something on impulse!!
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How do I find out the year of mine? Yes the barrel got very hot. Mine shot low and to the left but one click up and two hits with the brass punch and I was in the bull. I shot a 30-06 casing with it, blew it apart! Very happy in a way that the 9422 is being dropped because I would have put off the purchase of the two rifles. All you have to tell me is that it is not being made or special run and I get my butt in gear. MIKE.
Mike 103..
I don't really know but there must be a reference of s/n to year of manuf. The shop told me that they got this gun in Feb (?) of 2003. If it'll help, my s/n is F760xxx.
I was only shooting "benched" about 50 feet. My eyes weren't to good yesterday and everything was blurry. My 'groups' were closing up the more I shot. The mirage from the hot barrel wasn't helping either.
I had hung up some small 3" pieces of orange clay targets and smoked all of them on the first shot. I got to where all I had to do was cover it with the front bead and Poof!!

I'll get the hang of the new toy though, just need to shoot it a LOT! Need some more time at 50 feet then move back to the 75ft bench for a while. Then down to the 50 yd lane. Eventually I'll get to the 100yd lane.
I have a tough time with rifle sights but since I got into handguns it's like being reborn. I can see everything at once, both sights AND the target!

Although I get a lot of range time, I don't really concentrate with any specific firearm. However I've been into the 1911 pretty seriously for about a month and a half. Then there's the new Buckmark Camper that I can shoot tighter each mag full...

Retirement can be hectic for a trip to the range: "Hmmm! What to take?" :)

Last fall I spent half a day at the range with a bunch of stuff. I wound up Plinking a box of shells through my Marlin 336/.35Rem and finished up in the evening with two rounds of trapshooting!

Regards, Jack
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