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Winchester 62A Repair and Refinish

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I had two old project guns in my closet that I needed to repair and refinish last commencement season in order to reward two of my grandchildren on the cheap. Unlike many others here I don't need to make "pawn shop finds". The FFL that I've been using for many years is a local pawn shop. The owner knows that I buy old, rusty, inoperable walnut and steel-era guns to repair, modify, or restore. He calls me as a last resort whenever he takes in a hopeless case that he needs to unload. On this one, he warned me that it looked like Bubba had put a quart of oil in the receiver that seeped into the stock before he stored it wet in a cloth case. Then he sanded it in a futile attempt to get "down to the original finish". :oops: Needless to say, this one was beyond the stage where a Big 45 pad would have been useful:

As usual, a little draw filing, edge repair, polishing, rebluing, Acraglas and refinishing can work wonders.

I was working on an old Marlin 39A for the other grandson at the same time and killed two birds with one stone by using the same stain and batch of Acraglas gel on this gun.

You can read about the Marlin project here:
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