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Win. 75 sporter vs. CZ trainer

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I had a very still day w/o rain so I grabbed a couple guns to test ammo for silhouette shooting. i have a CZ trainer that I shoot in small bore silhouette.
I also took the Win. 75 sporter that I have been babying because I need to sell it. --Or thought i did.--

It's the first time I shot the cz and the win. 75 side-by-side with similar scopes. A pleasant surprise...

Long and short: the 75 outgunned the cz--slightly--at 40-60 yards. 3/8 to 3/4 inch groups off sandbags with a 7x scope. The CZ has a 9x scope. Both AO.

The weird part was the CZ shot best with WalMx Dynapoints. And the winny shot best with Win x-pert bulk ammo.

I tried both rifles with Aguila Target and win. T-22, Am. Eagle, CCI Mini-mags, Remington Lightning, and federal bulk. I'd like to try Wolf and some really top-shelf stuff, but I didn't have any.

The 75 is stock, but it has aboute a 2.75 pound trigger--no creep. The 75 is also lighter than the CZ and seems to point better -- for me.

The CZ has about 2lb trigger but a little creep i can't get out of it.

Guess what I'm shooting in the next silhouette match?
I just wish the 75 mag dropped out when you depress the button. I have to do the thumb, fingernails and three hands maneuver to get the mag out.
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You may wish to try some ammo like the PMC Moderator sub-sonics, I have found them to be very accurate out of some of my rimfire rifles.
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