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Win 1885 Low wall trigger pull?

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Does anyone have a current production Winchester 1885 Low Wall in .22 or .22 Mag. I want to get one in .17 HMR and want to know what the trigger is like. Weight, crispness and overtravel.

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What does the low wall sell for approx.
Dealers around my parts don't stock'em. See on at a gun show every
now an then,but wasn't in the market
for one and didn't price them.

Should be nice in the 17HMR. :)

charlie d said:
Here you go. Click on the picture for a REALLY big one.


My dealer said my cost would be $750 - 800. He couldn't tell since even the distributors don't have the .17 yet.
Thanks for the info.
Nice little rifles
Here's what you were look'in for

Hope this helps.:)
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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