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Win 1885 Low wall trigger pull?

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Does anyone have a current production Winchester 1885 Low Wall in .22 or .22 Mag. I want to get one in .17 HMR and want to know what the trigger is like. Weight, crispness and overtravel.

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I've seen a couple of these on gunbroker in .22LR. One was priced 655.00 and another was 675.00. Of course they weren't .17 HMR's. I've been looking for one of the high grade's in .22 LR, but I want to look at one in person before I buy it--so far I haven't seen one. I saw a standard at a gun show a while back (used) but in good shape--the guy wanted 650.00. I too am curious about the accuracy of these 1885's. They are beautiful rifles.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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