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Win 1885 Low wall trigger pull?

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Does anyone have a current production Winchester 1885 Low Wall in .22 or .22 Mag. I want to get one in .17 HMR and want to know what the trigger is like. Weight, crispness and overtravel.

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Hi Airedale,

Thanks for the reply.
I got a reply on another forum and the guy said his was adjustable, though not by much. He said that it went from a measured 3.5 to 3.0 lbs. Have you adjusted yours? He also said it was very crisp with virtually no overtravel.

I'm glad you're happy with yours. I'll be glad when they start shipping the .17s. They sure are beautiful.
Here you go. Click on the picture for a REALLY big one.


My dealer said my cost would be $750 - 800. He couldn't tell since even the distributors don't have the .17 yet.
Hi Pd,
Here it is. Looks interesting. Thanks for the tip.

Here are directions I got from R. Dale McGee. It's a bit beyond my abilities since I don't even have a drill press. The Browne'll's one should work.

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I filled in the dovetail on my Win 9422 with a piece of dovetail filler. I blued it with Brownell's rust bluing. I filed it to the contour of the barrel. Looks pretty good. An octagon bbl would be even easier.
I don't use a scope on it, but a Williams WGRS peep.

The new 1885s are supposed to be drilled and tapped for scope mount. Is yours? I'm planning to shoot it with a scope to see how accurate it is, then probably going to go with a tang peep for looks.
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1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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