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Win 1885 Low wall trigger pull?

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Does anyone have a current production Winchester 1885 Low Wall in .22 or .22 Mag. I want to get one in .17 HMR and want to know what the trigger is like. Weight, crispness and overtravel.

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I got one in 22LR a couple of years ago Charlie, the trigger is heavy for my taste, I would guess around 6lbs. The gun is heavy and the trigger itself is wide making it shootable, she is very accurate with a wide variety of ammo. The gun's weight and balance make it easy to hit with offhand, I think it would make a good sillouette rifle. I have not fully evaluated it yet but so far so good.
The one fault I found with the Low Wall is the sights which are dovetailed into the barrel to keep it authentic looking. When mounting a scope with a large objective the rear sight has to be knocked out leaving the bare slot for the dreaded dovetail blank. I would much rather have screw on sights even though not authentic it makes scopes and sights more easily usable and removable and a cleaner look to boot.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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