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Win 1885 Low wall trigger pull?

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Does anyone have a current production Winchester 1885 Low Wall in .22 or .22 Mag. I want to get one in .17 HMR and want to know what the trigger is like. Weight, crispness and overtravel.

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I have a high grade low-wall (beautiful) and the trigger is adjustable...I couldn't say how much, I really haven't tried. Mine came with an acceptable pull (well...you know)...As far as accuracy I averaged 1" to 11/2" @ 50yds with iron sights...I would like to scope it and try some different ammo in it but that consarned limited edition ( there were only 900 made) tripe keeps me from doing too much with it. I do enjoy it and I am looking forward to trying one in 17...but I will get the low grade next time.
My 1885 is tapped for scope mounts...however...the front mount is actually under the rear sight, so the rear sight would have to come off no matter what scope you wanted to put on it. I have a marples tang mounted peep sight on mine and it helps but I'm getting to where my eyesight is keeping me from being proficient with iron sights anymore.
On a side note...one of the distributors is listing wholesale in the mid 700s for what ever thats worth.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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