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Williams peep sight

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Williams Ace in the Hole peep sight

I'm contemplating on buying a set of the Ace in the Hole, so I can mount a scope. So, I have a few questions before I buy them.

Is anyone using them with a Bug Buster?

Who is using them, why are you using them, and what do you think of them? Pic's would be a plus as well.

Thanks for looking...
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I have the Ace in the Hole sight set - and I like them very much!

I primarily use them as open peep sights for rimfire steel matches, and in that role the are great.

I like being able to quickly put a Red Dot sight on if needed, and I have put a scope on it a couple of times to check accuracy of some ammo.

When I mounted the scope (a 1-4 Nikon I had on the shelf), I did need to remove the screw in aperture.

Other shots....

Hope this helps,
Bob S.
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I think they are medium Burris Zee Signature rings...
Great info guys, your info with pics answers a lot of questions.

Messer, does your front sight work with both rears, or just the Williams? I only guessing here, but I think you left the other rear sight so there would be no open slot in the barrel?

k33, have any pics of your set up?

Thanks to all for posting,
Your guess is correct - the Williams front sight is higher.

I have never tried to use it, and it *might* work with some adjustment - I just left it there since I didn't have a slot filler.

Bob S.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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