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Will someone with a 77/22mag or 77/17...

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Will someone with a 77/22mag or 77/17 do me a favor?

Put a cartridge in your magazine and put it in the gun. Close the bolt to within 1/2 to 34" of fully closed. COLOR="Red"]Now, tell me if the cartridge is being held by the extractors][/COLOR].

You can tell by backing the bolt up. If the cartridge falls back down onto the magazine, the extractors were not holding it. If it stays on the bolt until it ejects, then the extractors were holding it.

My cartridges are not feeding. They bind in the chamber and the bolt will not close. I was under the impression that the extractors didn't take hold until after the cartridge was chambered, but [B]it looks like they need to take hold [/B]as the cartridge leaves the clip in order to line up the cartridge with the chamber. Mine do not grasp the cartridge. This is a restocked, rebarreled "all-weather 22LR."
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