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Wife's Rifles - Browning 223 and Ithaca 308

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I dug these out of the safe today to take pictures and wipe down. These are my wife's pretty centerfire rifles. She saw these at a gun shows. She wanted them. They followed us home.

Browning A-bolt Medallion 223:
Air gun Trigger Wood Machine gun Shotgun

Air gun Wood Trigger Machine gun Gun barrel

The next one is an Ithaca LSA-55 308. Honestly I never heard of an Ithaca rifle until I saw this one. I knew a little about Ithaca shotguns because my first shotgun was an Ithaca 37 (still have it). I tried to do some research at the gun show while she was thinking about it. There just wasn't much information out there. But I knew it was pretty. I knew it was quality. She wanted it. So we bought it. We've only shot it a handful of times. Being an LSA (the L stands for Light), it kicks like a mule. But it's accurate. 馃槈
Air gun Machine gun Trigger Wood Shotgun

Wood Air gun Shotgun Trigger Gun barrel
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