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Wife, girlfriend groups

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Ok enough guys have posted tons of groups, now it's the ladies turn. Took the G/F out to the range Saturday, for some small group attempts. She has been shooting only 5 times (all with me, guess I got her hooked) and at 25 yds just getting her used to the rifle, and she did really good at that range(search the end of "the ultimate raptor" thread for pics. So now we move to the 50 yard line to see what she can do. Rifle is a raptor with kidd barrel and bolt, Weaver T36 and the usual stock trigger mods(about 2.5 lb pull) SK match ammo. all 5 shot 50 yds.
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HaHa! Can I get an amen? :D

That's some nice shooting, gunnar! My compliments to the lady :bthumb:
i'll give an amen !! my wife grew up in southern indiana ; all the family were hunters & shooters . when we first met [at church] , she just came back from a family reunion ; her shoulder was all bruised from shooting a shotgun all weekend !! she can kick my butt at the range anytime ! [well , so can my son & daughter !]
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