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Whose receiver/bolt for new build?

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20 + years ago I had assembled a few with stock receivers. Now I see this Tac Sol receiver that has dual guide rods and I like the design, wondering who else is making a good receiver/bolt and what do you guys think about this Tac Sol design?

I'm not against using stock receiver/bolt, just leaning toward the Tac Sol at first glance.

I will still use stock trigger and work it myself. Does anyone know a good source for stock triggers?

Thank you,

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what are they claiming that the dual guide rods do for you?..

you know what, it doesn't matter...if you like it, and want it, then get it...and enjoy your build (y)

as far as the trigger, S&P has a stock one for $40

ETA: if you decide against the TS, go KIDD for your receiver and bolt
Go with kidd, it has its own tang.

As for trigger, yes you can make your oem good, but the kidd 2 stage with a flat blade is great.
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KIDD. Duh.

P.S. - The tang is overrated. Put Kidd action with a Kidd barrel in a Magpul stock and you will be surprised how well it shoots.
I put a Tandemkross bolt in an original Ruger receiver. Beforehand I polished the inside of the receiver with Flitz polish and a dremel. I’ve had zero problems and I shoot Steel Challenge matches with it.
When I’m stock and not looking for high end the smooth Brownells receiver is a good deal.
I used a CST receiver and a Kidd bolt. I got a rear tang with it, but haven’t installed it yet.
I think it just depends on the intended purpose and your budget. You don't have to spend much if its just an informal plinker. The grandson has 75 bucks in one . That's on a Brownells receiver $70 plus tax. Everything else was new take off stuff I had here. The last Charger of mine I have 2 parts that took me to 1300. The Can and the optic. I'll be very purpose driven on that one, over 2K and I used a factory 10" barrel.
Has anyone tried the Grey Birch receiver/carbon barrel product? Barrel is threaded into their receiver… curious👍
Has anyone tried the Grey Birch receiver/carbon barrel product? Barrel is threaded into their receiver… curious👍
the barrel being threaded to the receiver means you are limited to using only their proprietary barrels, unless some expensive gunsmithing is involved in fitting a different makers barrel...that feature is a deficit in my book..I'd rather have access to the many different manufactures who all use the same slip fit set up that Ruger originally designed for the 10/22 over 50 years ago
Imo for a well-funded new build - assuming one can learn to love Bravo or Titan stocks (to take advantage of the tang), KIDD receiver (to achieve the according to many necessary for accuracy tight fit) with a tang with also KIDD (even better Lilja😎) barrel plus KIDD 2 stage trigger isn’t a bad way to go…
Never a big fan of proprietary operating systems. I've seen far too many guys buy something "really cool" and then 10 years later there is no parts, no support and they end up with a paperweight. The Ruger system works, it may need some tweaks for peak performance but there is no reason at all to re invent the wheel with it.
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