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Jeff3680 said:
Posted this in the Cooper Forum and thought I would share it here also.... Ordered a case of Eley White Rabbit HVHP's Tues. and the UPS man delivered it today, Thanks CSS for the great service! Fired 10 5 shot groups at 51 yds. .40, .37, .23, .35, .41, .47, .47, .39, .35,and .48 ctc for an average of .43 . For the most part the groups showed horizonal stringing, slight breeze swirling about. Then for the kicker, I set a target against an old burn barrel 117 yds ( all laser verified ) and shot a five shot group. 5 shots .52 ctc with 4 going .31 . No use shooting that far again, will never duplicate that one !! Overall extremely happy with a 1300 fps hollowpoint load shooting these groups. Tree rats better hide this fall ........
Is CSS a business Please send me their URL.

Don Jackson Remington Magnum
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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