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Jeff3680 said:
Just a little update on the White Rabbit. Groups holding from 1/4" > 3/8" if the winds still and I do my part ( no flags ). Wind was dead tonight so I clicked up 4 1/4" of elevation and fired three 5 shot groups @ 100 yds. , .44 .55 and the last .75 with a called flier that ruined another .44 group. I have whacked a few starlings out to 80 yds. and this hollowpoint will perform.
I got some "White Rabbit" from CSS yesterday and it shoots little tiny ragged holes from my Annie 164 Sporter at 35 yards. The skwerls had better be wearing kevlar helmets this year.:D

And it's $2 a box cheaper than the Lapua HVHP!!;)
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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