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Which used rifle? savage,remington,marlin??

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I want to get my brother into .22's so fir his birthday i want to get him a used low price .22 my local pawn shop has 3 semi's for around 65 bucks

the first is a marlin model 38-22 semi that is old but ok shape and is tube fed in the stock , i could not find any info at all on this gun.

the other 2 are remington viper semi and savage-stevens 62

I have never seen these guns before all are about same price $65 and condition is same.

which to get him

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Im not familiar with any of them but I would probably go with the remington.
The one thing I don't like about the Remington Vipers is the plastic magazines and overall "cheap" feeling of the rifle. They are very light and I don't like them much.

Go with the Marlin or the Savage/Stevens. You'll probably have better luck with either one of those two!

Good luck! :D
The Marlin 38 is a slide action hammerless takedown made from 1920 to 1930. 24-inch octagon barrel and 2/3 tube mag.

Current Blue Book prices run from $100 @ 70% to $325 @ 98%.

If it's an old semi then I have no idea what it is - maybe an 88?


I understand the money part so if that is all you have to work with then I'd go with the Remington as it is a modern rifle that you could probably still get parts for. If you still have some time and can look around I'd wait for a good used Ruger 10/22, (semi-auto), or a Marlin 881, (bolt action). Either one would serve a new shooter well. I'd stay away from some of the older bolt actions as they wear out and become unsafe and that may be why they are up for sale. Just be careful and look the gun over carefully. I don't mind buying a used gun even if it looks bad as long as it is all there and functions like it should and the price is right. Good luck.


P.S. Also, often over looked as good plinkers are the Rossi pump actions. I picked up one of the older Rossi's today and it shoots great. When I saw it I noticed that it was used and this store doesn't usually carry used guns. I asked if it was a trade in and the girl told me that it was a "repo". I asked her if I heard her right and she said that I did. Apparently they still sell guns on credit. Fill out a credit app. and get approved and walk away with a new gun, no money down. The interest is terrible but this guy didn't mind since he never made a payment on the gun. I told her that I'd hate to be in the business of repossessing guns. She said the fella that did it was a big mean looking sort. All the more reason to shoot first and ask questions later. No thanks.

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low price .22 LR

Thanks john it is a marlin 88, for 65 bucks
and the stevens 62 semi
Get anything but that Remington Viper. It is almost all plastic and it is unreliable, hard to find parts and in my honest opinion junk. I have one that works and I have another one for parts that I got from a friend. I would try finding a used 10/22 or something else.

Good Luck
Just so you know...

Walmart sells NEW Savage Bolt actions and semi-auto's for $100.

Both have detachable box magazines and plastic stocks.

The Marlin 88 was a promotional model. Don't know much about it. Made in the mid 1940's to mid 1950's, I think. If the rifle's in good condition, it might be a real find. It's a pretty cool little rifle, tube loads from butt end of stock. On the other hand, if the springs are shot, and the bore's no good, you might be wasting your money.

I would not get the Remington. I've never heard good words about the Viper.

The Savage Stevens could be a good gun. I had a 987 that was a good plinker and a lot of fun -- reliable and reasonably accurate (1.25" at 50 yards off a bench). The 62 is a pretty recent model, still some new old stock for sale from time to time. The Stevens rimfires are good plinkers, but the Marlin will probably have a better barrel.

If you do buy a gun, make sure you check out that the gun is safe. Does the safety work? Will the gun slam fire? Will the gun load and eject rounds properly. I would have a gunsmith or very knowledgable person check it out to make sure it's safe before you give it to your brother.
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The Marlin 88 is neat, reliable and very accurate rifle, but it is almost as evil to work on as the Nylon 66. If you get it never take the bolt apart.

Like others have said avoid that Remington. It isn't plagued, it IS the plague.
Anything but the Remington Viper. Every one I have seen was junk at best. He would be better off with a slingshot than a Remington Viper.
Anything but the Remington Viper. Every one I have seen was junk at best. He would be better off with a slingshot than a Remington Viper.
I think a rock would be more reliable than a Viper.:D
Did you guys notice the original date of the thread Jan. of 2003.I'd say he has already made his decision.
Makes you wonder how these archaic threads get resurrected. :rolleyes:
How did you resurrect this thing? Get lost in the archives and forget where you were? :D
Makes you wonder how these archaic threads get resurrected. :rolleyes:
It is easy to find out how:eek:

Go down the posting dates and you see 2003, 2003, 2003. Then you see 2009.....that is the way and the reason a 6 year old thread is resurected:rolleyes: ;)
LOL,,,,sorry guys and girls. My young nephew was using my laptop and reading all the stuff here. He told me about the question he found,,wanted to vote for marlin since HE has one.

I signed in so he could answer on the thread and did not look at the date of the thread. Never even thought he would be reading such an old thread. The boy will click on anything,,,,,,,,

He does brag up his marlin a lot. :cool:

Ah, ya should have known it was weird anyhow,,,I tend to be longer winded then 1 word !!
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