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Which rimfire?

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Which 22 long rifle Classic would you get out of these three: Cooper, Kimber, or Anschutz? And Why would you choose it?
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That's easy--Kimber. I have two and I love 'em--they shoot well-have great triggers and most of all they are balanced perfectly which makes them feel great and allows you to actually shoot them better in the woods. I have most of the choices you described and while I am a big 52 Winchester fan--the Kimber is the one I take hunting. I thionk there's very little difference in the accuracy in the Anschutz Sporters and the Kimber Classics--as the man said there's dogs in all of them--and there is still one Monday in every week!! My friends Kimber beats his beautiflu Meistergrade Anschutz--who'd of thunk it??? They all are very good rifles--whichever feels best to you is the most important. Don't rule out the CZ's--they shoot!!!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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