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Which rimfire?

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Which 22 long rifle Classic would you get out of these three: Cooper, Kimber, or Anschutz? And Why would you choose it?
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Anschutz Warning!

Somehow I bought a 1710D Meistergrade and put a good scope on it. I thought I was nuts. The house needed remodeled, I was driving an 84 Olds, and my truck was a '92 F 1-50.

Now I have another 1710D, a 1720D, and a 1717D, all Meistergrades.

My house still needs remodeled but it's warm, dry (except the back porch), and there's plenty to eat.

My 84 Olds gets me to the range.

My 92 F-150 gets me to the woods.

And I love to shoot my Anschutz! And wouldn't hesitate to get another one.
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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