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Which match

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I was going to try some of the Rimfire Central online matches but I wasn't sure which one to try out.
I shoot an Anschutz 1710HB and the ammo I normally shoot is SK Rifle Match, SK Standard Plus, or Wolf Match Target.
It is a scoped rifle at 24 power.
I usually shoot 50 yd targets.
I've never shot any matches.
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SWYG Rookie class
SWYG Rookie class
+1 on that....:t

you'll meet some great people who will be glad to answer any questions and you'll see some exellent results by a lot of first class shooter. And, you'll some see not so good results posted by me....:D.

But, we are shooting for fun, to gain experience, and improve our scores and the 10 Bull Rookie 25 and 50 yard matches are perfect for that..looking forward to see you there.

10 Bull 25, 50 Class I get. No Wolf or SK ammo though.
I have some Eley Sport I could shoot but the my Annie loves SK
Shoot What ya Got. Anthing goes. No restrictions.
SWYG is Shoot What You Got, which, in the 10 Bull matches, is unlimited which includes ammo. There are two other classes, light and heavy rifle, with limits on ammo and scope power, best to go check out the rules to see which class your rifle falls into http://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=442312

For the 25 Bull matches check the class rules here http://www.rimfirecentral.com/forum...1&pp=25&sort=lastpost&order=desc&daysprune=-1
They have a $11/box limit on ammo except for unlimited class. The limit on factory sporter is $500 new, which lets you out, but you can shoot in Vintage smallbore class or Unlimited, depending on barrel, stock, etc.
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