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Which DA .22 revolver??

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Taurus 94, Charter Arms Pathfinder 4inch, or S&W New Model 63??? I've handled the 94 and the 63. Hearing the problems with the 94's and even with the $600 price on the 63 the S&W sure seems to be one sweet revolver. I've only seen a little discussion out there on the Charter Arms and certainly wouldn't expect the Smith detail but at the cheaper cost would it be worth looking at??? Just looking for a relatively accurate, smooth handling, long lasting, woods bumming, plinkings, small game, trap line DA revolver. Have enough $$ for the 94 or Pathfinder could wait and save a little more for the 63...Oh and by the way I have handled the 617 quite a bit, like it, its a maybe some day kinda revolver while the others are more in line what I'm looking for.
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Another vote for Smith & Wesson. I have been in love with my Smiths since I bought the first one in 1973 or thereabouts.

You'll never miss the extra money it costs.

In a 4" gun, I would look for a used M18. I have two; an old one and a new one with the underlug barrel. I guess the new one is technically a M17 but I've always considered the 4" barrel guns with ramp sights to be M18's.
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