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Which DA .22 revolver??

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Taurus 94, Charter Arms Pathfinder 4inch, or S&W New Model 63??? I've handled the 94 and the 63. Hearing the problems with the 94's and even with the $600 price on the 63 the S&W sure seems to be one sweet revolver. I've only seen a little discussion out there on the Charter Arms and certainly wouldn't expect the Smith detail but at the cheaper cost would it be worth looking at??? Just looking for a relatively accurate, smooth handling, long lasting, woods bumming, plinkings, small game, trap line DA revolver. Have enough $$ for the 94 or Pathfinder could wait and save a little more for the 63...Oh and by the way I have handled the 617 quite a bit, like it, its a maybe some day kinda revolver while the others are more in line what I'm looking for.
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I'd be watching for a vintage S&W K-22. No idea what they are going for now as I haven't been looking lately. Definitely worth the wait though... you won't be disappointed.
I just bought a Model 17, made in 1971. I paid a few pennies under $500.00 for it. I had checked "Gunbroker" and that seems about the going price for "shooters." I noticed yesterday the same dealership had another one on the rack for the same price. I don't know if the trigger had been worked on or if it just got nice over the years, but the trigger is something to write home to mom about.

I looked at a Taurus a few months ago. The S/A pull wasn't too bad, but the D/A felt like it was full of rocks. It might slick up in time, but I elected to go with a Ruger Bearcat instead.

Another option if you can find one is a Dan Wesson. I've got one and it is a GREAT revolver. If it has a downside, it's the fact that it's a BIG, HEAVY gun. It's about the size of an "L" frame Smith and Wesson. The upside is that you can change the barrel length and the entire grip quite easily. They shoot like a laser beam, at least mine does. They generally go for less than a Smith and Wesson, but that is changing as people start to catch on to them. They show up on Gunbroker from time to time.

You can get a good idea the size of the Dan Wesson, (left center) here. Smith and Wesson 17 at the top, Ruger Mk II below.

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