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If the S&W is in your price range, I would suggest it. Smiths are expensive, but are the nicest revolvers in my opinion. Excluding it, I would pick up a Taurus, but only if I could inspect it first. I just brought home a 94 2" blue today. I was able to handle it first at my dealers. No timing issues, locks up tight, no binding cylinder. I wiped the thick oil off and out of it, and fired two cylinders of Aguila Super Colibris through it just to check the function. It fired and ejected just fine. Tomorrow I will take off the side plate and clean out the heavy oil Taurus likes to glob in there and relube it. Taurus seems to have had their share of problem guns, not unlike many other manufacturers, but they also put out many good ones as well. Especially on the internet, you usually only hear about problems.

My local dealer sells the 4" Charters about as fast as he can get them, and hasn't had any complaints. They are a tad rough for my taste though.
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