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Which Bull Barrel + questions

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I want to get a bull barrel for my 10/22 that I can shoot sub 1" groups at 50 yards, 0.5" would be nice, but I don't want to end up breaking the bank. I've read through the old posts and it seems people think pretty highly of the Green Mountain Barrels from Whiteface Mountain.

Any thoughts for or against a Green Mountain, SS fluted, in 16.5" (or maybe 20" not quite decided yet)? Any alternatives/better buys in that price category?

What's the deal with Bentz match chambers and "loaded round may not eject"? Does that mean if I chamber a round I'm gonna need to fire it, or dig it out carefully?

Do these barrels need to be "bedded" or can I drop it right in and use it (I guess bedding improves accuracy?).

What budget stock would you guys recommend. I've been looking at the Hogue Overmold and Butler Creek (to get my total cost of bbl and stock under $200). I'm a lefty, so thumbhold stock options seem limited.

Hope you can all pitch in to tackle this newbies questions!

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Green Mountain

Just put together a GM 18" SS .920 barrel and a Blaster stock. So far the results are good but I still have some tweaking to go. I have not done any bolt work/headspace or any bedding at all. This is a work in progress. With that said here is a group that I shot the other day with CCI Green Tags. It was decent until a couple of flyers but that could have been me. They seem to perform the best out of the Match grade stuff. The Fed Lightnings perfom best representing the Cheap Bulk stuff. They seem to hold right at or under .5" for 10 shot group @ 50 yds. I have shot about 25 groups of the Fed and about 30 of the Green Tags so far and all are consistent. I like my barrel and I will buy another for my next project. Hope this helps ya.

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