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Mitch, I'm another southpaw rifle shooter, and I have a Hogue OM stock. Great feeling stock, hard to beat for the money.
But I purchased one of the new Boyds SS stocks the first of the year, with there new barrel. Let me tell ya, that is a great little stock, southpaw or otherwise. My right handed friends like it, as well. The barrel is still almost new, just a few rounds, but I would buy another, from the indications it is showing with the first couple of mags.
By the way I like the GM barrels also, another hard to beat item from 2 of our sponsers. Ken at Whiteface Mountain is great to deal with.
As for Richards microfit. I have a camo thumbhole sporter. I have a lot of work to do on that stock, and I am looking forward to it. But if I had seen then, what I have seen now, I'd buy a Boyds, finished. One of there SS for all around, or the Blaster, more of an off hand if I understand right. It is available in a lefty, and rosewood laminate also. That would make a pretty stock. Look good with silver receiver and SS barrel. By the way I have more in a Richards unfinished than a new finished Blaster lefty would be.
From the Boyds Website, Part # Description Price
500-058 BLASTER RUGER 10/22 920 BC LH STK NL (F) $161.20
400-023 BLASTER RUGER 10/22 920 BC LH STK PL (F) $161.20
600-003 BLASTER RUGER 10/22 920 BC LH STK RW (F) $161.20
There site, http://www.boydboys.com/, check them out.
Oh yeah, email me at [email protected], and I'll reply with a picture of the SS stocked gun. Also of the Hogue and the unfinished Richards if you want. Andy
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