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Which autoloader to replace my 77/22?

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Hi, folks. I've gotten to the point where my Ruger 77/22, with its newly added Dayton-Traister trigger, shoots darn well. My problem is that, being left handed, I hate the contortions that I have to go through to cycle the gun, especially with a scope on top. I'm seriously considering replacing it with an autoloader. I don't think I'll end up wanting to play with it by adding every imaginable add-on (a la souped-up 10/22's). Perhaps a T/C Classic? A 10/22 adding just a target barrel and an improved trigger? Any other choices or suggestions would be appreciated. I suppose I'd be willing to go up to about $400-500, including gunsmith fees, if applicable. Thanks, and bye.

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Start out with a 10/22T. You will find that resistance is futile.
I would suggest

that you buy the cheapest 10/22 action you can find and then follow the advice on this site to build a great shooter for $400 to $500.

Aftermarket hammer -- Volquartsen or Power Custom
GM or Adams & Bennett Barrel + stock of choice
Bolt buffer
Tips & Tricks on this site.

You'll love the results!
Having owned a 77/22 and being left-handed as well I can feel your pain. I have since replaced it with a 10/22 and while you don't have to cycle the bolt for every shot, the 10/22 isn't the ideal setup either. The safety is a pain (although someone makes a replacement I think), the bolt is still on the wrong side, and the bolt catch is a real pain (unless you go with an aftermarket trigger group). On the other hand, I do enjoy shooting my 10/22 much more than I ever did the 77/22.
Perhaps you could find a left-handed bolt action. The only ones that I am familiar with are made by Anschutz and are a bit out of your intended budget. Maybe someone else hear knows of another manufacturer that offers what you are looking for.

Cool handle. I caught a few on the fly this past weekend (2 rainbows and a German brown) the mayfly hatch was in high gear here.
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