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Which Annie is which??

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I had a 64, sold it and landed an older 5 digit 54 w/dual extractors. Been reading here a lot and have tried to assimilate the info as to what Annie #'s go with which rifle and the characteristics thereof. Having a hard time keeping them straight. Not wanting to become a guru of all things Anschutz or start collecting/stockpiling but am basically lost.

Will anyone give me a short tutorial or a link to a complete listing? Am going to a Fjestad Blue Book this evening to see if I can get some rhyme or reason thereof.

Gonna bench the 54 a bit later after the sun is up and see what I can do out back at 50 yds. Time to get out the Eley EPS. Got her sighted in last w/e and witnessed the groups starting to shrink as the bbl seasoned to that ammo. This was only Rem tgt my son gave me for Christmas. Aguila was a non event and used the Dynapoints for sighting in getting the Burris Sigs offset properly to allow for 100 yds and beyond should I want to challenge gravity and the wind monster. Gotta love those offset inserts.
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A Match 54 with a 5 digit SN and and twin extractors would have been made somewhere between the mid 60s and about 1971-72. To find the precise date look at the left hand side of the barrel, just ahead of the receiver. There should be a two-digit number, this is the year the barrel was proofed and made.

The model is determined by the stock/barrel configuration. The 1413 Supermatch had a 69cm heavy barrel with a thumbhole stock, fully adjustable butt + hook. The 1411 has a 69cm heavy barrel and a straight prone-only stock. The 1407 had a 66cm medium-weight barrel, the stock is very deep and tapered at the fore-end.

The 1408 is very similar to the 1407 but a bit earlier. The 1409 is similar to the 1413 but the butt is not adjustable for length.

Round about 1970 Anschutz switched from chequering to stippling on the grip.

With a 5 digit SN I don't think a 1413 or 1411 would have a factory fitted adjustable cheekpiece (this came in about 1973). However stocks can be swapped and "marriages" are very common.

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Search link



If you will look at the top of this page, the second link to the right of center is the "Search" link.

Click on it and a search window will come up.

Type in Anschutz 1411, click on the search button and all threads that referred to Anschutz 1411's and photos of same will come up.

If that is not the Match 54 you have, try the Anschutz numbers of the other models that were previously mentioned by Tim: "Anschutz 1413",--- etc.

Hope this was helpful to you.

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