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Where to get good Camo?

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I need to pick up some good camo to go hunting in. Mainly for Coyote, and other little "farm pests" that come my way. I realize this may be a dumb quesiton, but what type of camo am I looking for?!?!

Is one better than the other?!? I cannot go out and get anything expensive, so the cheaper the better.

Thanks for the info.

Jeffrey :D
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Cabelas, Bass Pro, Gander Mountain. Good stuff isn't cheap, cheap stuff is cheap if you get my drift. Look at the snow patterns. This time of year Wal-Mart is loaded with camo at usually a good price.

Look for military surplus stores. Standerd B.D.U.s work great. Otherwise look in any sports shop, look in any farm supply, look walmart, target?

Look for camo that matches the terrain.

Chief says :

If ya want good (the best) camo . Get PELLA Saddlecloth.

It feels like soft fleece on the outside , wont pick up burrs
or briars. Its scent free - abrasion resistant - water repellent.

One can walk quietly thru the woods , silent and durable
clothing . You can even walk thru the toughest sticker bushes
alive and never get hurt. A must in areas with dense rosebush

Cabelas sells SCENTLOCK saddle cloth . about 1/2 the price
of (PELLA) brand. Make the plunge , a good set of pants and
jacket will last for years , where the cheaper camo is history
in one season.
Once you have it , you wont be caught without it.
The good part = get one size larger than needed = wear it
over your other clothes.
End of hunt = take off = noone knows that you had been hunting. unless you tell them.
BWAHAAAahaaa! cd.
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