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Where to buy 50th Anniv rail/sight ?

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Looking for the combined pic rail/rear sight from the Design Contest rifle. Looked on Ruger website but it isnt there.

Anyone know where I can buy it ?
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I think this is the sight set http://www.xssights.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=1080440&CAT=8411 and it is now in stock, but expensive.
Williams is close

Collectors is closer


My plan is to use contest winner sights with a walnut stock for irons and red dot, and the adjustable stock with high comb for a scope. All I need is a old beat wood stock rifle. I like the aperture sights with 18.5 barrel gives an excellent sight radius I like the wings on the front sight for the GI like sight picture, there are a lot of options out there. Two 10/22s is my plan. Have fun.
Nodak is similar. The XS and Williams are't even close.

The Collectors is the same, but where do I get one ??
Looking for the combined pic rail/rear sight from the Design Contest rifle. Looked on Ruger website but it isnt there.

Anyone know where I can buy it ?
The sights from the limited are not for sale commercially,

i ended up with nodak spud sights they are far better than the Factory limited sights.

nds 26 and nds 40 this will co witness with small red dots such as the trs 25 and can be used with quick release rings or see thru rings

I used quick detach weaver rings extra high they are the lowest you can get for this setup see thru rings would also work.

you can also change the windage drum on the side of the nodak rear sight from dpms for under $5

If you look at this picture you can see the windage drum it makes it alot easier to adjust

The nds sights are compatible with different AR sight posts and sets

That would be my first choice but there are 3 others to consider depending on price and what you would do with them. Also consider some kind of adjustable cheek riser if you are going to be using both scope and peep for sights.
something like this https://www.diproductsinc.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=1189961

williams ace in the hole (best price) i think you can get them direct from ruger also
tech sights (if you want a peep sight that is removable from a factory ruger rail)
true shot (never used)

Here we discussed some different options
and here is a different option

Good luck on your adventure
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