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Where to buy 1-9" twist bbl for 10/22 & 77/22?

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Well I have 2 bricks of the Aguile 22 SSS now i just need to find some bbl to shot it in. The only company ive heard of is Posadine(??) do they have a web site and ill take any other make too.
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1:9" twist barrels


"Green Mountain" made a run of the 1:9" twist barrels in their 20" SS Fluted about a year ago; I do not believe they have any left, or plan on making any more. Chief Dave had one, and I have one. I haven't seen any others 'for sale' or advertised.

You might want to try a "Wanted" Post in the Trading Forum.... :)

Good Luck...... ;)
I have one...

I may be persuaded into selling it along with the cantilevered scope mount thats on it .
Check back...if interested,
Thanks guys.

check your email.
I know im not suppose to be able to do this, but i shoot them out of a heavy 20 inch butler creek blued barrel and they will do under 1 inch everytime. No fast twist, and ive never had a feeding problem nor have i had any keyhole. Maybe i just got lucky.......
The Barrel and mount I have is still available & For Sale

`:):) ;)
Yea I have a blue fluted one in stock...
How much and how long? I might be interested if no one else is. Are you interested in a trade for either a butler creek 20" bull blued, or a savage heavy stainless fluted 22/250 take off?
Hey TackDriver,

I may be interested in your Savage .22-250 SS Fluted Heavy barrel.

I imagine this is off of the 12BVSS, right?

I am getting one very soon, so can you tell me a little more about it? i.e. What groups could you get with it? How many rounds were fired through it? Is it a threaded barrel?

Just let me know in Private Message (PM), e-mail or on here.

Thanks a lot!
Tackdriver or anyone... The full story on these Green Mountain 1 twist in 9 inches barrels for the Agulia 60 grain SSS bullet is that they where not offered to the public, offered here at RFC at a discount price... Green Mountain stated the barrels didn't really make the accuracy QC they wanted, so if anyone wanted to try one and mess with one it would be a low fair price and not be produced again... So I accurized several by putting a CPC Freebore chamber shortened for the SSS ammo and recut the crowns sharp... Stainless ones sold, one blue 20 inch is still on shelf un-modified... Un-modified its $89 plus $10 postage... Modified to be accurate with 60 gr bullet add $79
Question; so these barrels come with a 1x9 twist, standard long rifle chamber? Or are they specially chambered? And they are just slip on barrels or need to be smithed? Can these fast twist still hold good groups with match 40 gr ammo, as well as they would handle 60 gr SSS? Right now my barrel shoots everything, but i like the extra thud those SSS's give when they hit targets. I should also mention im getting .75-1" groups at 50 yards with them, and they hit 6" lower that standard match. Nothing wrong with what ive got, just always have my eyes open for new toys to make me different at the range than everyone else.
From Green Mountain its a standard chamber... The fast 1 twist in 9" is not known for great accuracy in lite 40 gr bullets...
Centurion Barrel

Ive got a Centurion Ordinance 1-9" barrel I'll sell for $75 + $10 shipping. Its a stainless 18" .920 bull with a nice satin finish. I got some good groups with it but I was looking for benchrest accuracy and the SSSs arent consistant enough to shoot bench. See the barrel here.
I've got one of the 18" GM 1:9 stainless fluted .920 barrels. It is D & T for scope rail. Would be willing to part with it reasonably. PM if interested.


CPC said:
... So I accurized several by putting a CPC Freebore chamber shortened for the SSS ammo and recut the crowns sharp... ... Modified to be accurate with 60 gr bullet add $79

Since your post was way back in 11/2002 I must ask:

Do you still offer this service? Same price?

I have one of the GM barrels, new never used. Thinking about building a 10/22 with it or maybe just put it up for sale.

Regards Bill :)
Something close... I have a 10/22 Abbreviated Tuneup... Barrel setback and crown, (new setback area on barrel shank is fitted to the receiver you are using), includes the complete bolt rework, cleaning hole and nylon bolt stop pin if requested... So its $128 plus $16 shipping... A fast twist barrel can be done, if you are setting up for 60 grain Aguila ammo - just note that so the chamber will be sized for that ammo... Yes, I did notice that this was a very old thread...

Well, I did sell that blue barrel about a year and half ago...
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