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Where is Haller?

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I’ll right here: In Mukwonago, Wisconsin at my brother-in-laws home: About 25 miles southeast of Milwaukee. We have had a good trip so far with lots of sunny days. 30 seconds of rain in Oklahoma and maybe an hour of light rain in northern Illinois.

Just downloaded a bunch of scores and will start putting them in the database this afternoon. I won’t have time to get them up as individual posts this month. We are leaving here on Saturday morning, and should be home in Sault Ste. Marie Saturday night or Sunday. I hope to have some of the score bulletins up by Monday, May 4th.
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Well, Joe, have a good trip. And remember, there are a lot of Bill Clinton voters on the road, so drive safely.

:D :D :D

Get home safe dude!


That was gonna be my first post this evening."Where's Joe?".Glad to hear you're havin a safe trip.
I was also gonna ask if ya have ever stopped at a place near Clare,Michigan called Jay's?I was up there (Barryton,east of Big Rapids)last month and went there to check the place out.It was a really nice store with tons of guns and ammo.Just wondered if you've ever been there or heard of it.Have a safe trip the rest of the way home.:t
And you check in on a regular basis young man! Don't make me and Ron get on you again this trip! Take Care! JL
Yeah! JL still has a couple of those special spazzatories left..

(and he ain't afierd to use 'em)

I just knew you were lurking around here somewhere .

Glad to hear you and Mavis are having a safe / enjoyable trip. However keep in mind that most accidents happen close to home. Here's hoping you have a safe journey the rest of the way.

If most accidents happen close to home, then I guess I had better move.
Hey Joe,

Your welcom to detour through New Richmond over here on the west side any time. Now is probably not good though, every road between us and I94 are tore up, they got detours going down game trails......

Drive safe and keep that thing under 90 will ya????
Gee, uh, if your too far behind you can forget entering my 50 yard score for this month!

No really, I don't mind at all. ;)
Have a good trip, Joe. We'll miss you & all the Winter Texans here on the "New Texican" team. Get home safe & come back this winter!
Hey Joe,

If you came thru Okla on I-40, you were within rock chunkin distance of my shop. I would have been proud to buy you a cup...
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