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Probably because most of the guys that got 'em, keep 'em ;) . I have a Dec 1972 model with walnut stock. The metal is probably 98% & the wood has a few dings & safe rash :rolleyes: , but otherwise looks nice. I like it and it's a good plinker but so far I haven't found the ammo it likes to make it nearly as accurate as my two 581's (both of which shoot better'n me on any given day). 'Course one of them has a 541T barrel and they're both wearing walnut 541 stocks from Numrich, I take the 582 out occasionally & exercise her a little but until I find that "magic" load, she'll probably remain a safe queen as far as small game hunting or serious plinking. Here's a not too good pic -

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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