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Where do I start?

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Where am I going to see the biggest improvement in accuracy for my stock 10/22.

The only thing I've managed to do with it is the auto bolt release.

I was thinking of buying a stock, but if I do that I can't afford a barrel right now and vice versa.

I could probably do all the internal upgrades like the hammer/sear kit, a new trigger, extended mag release, extended bolt handle yada yada yada....

So where do you guys think I should start?

I could also go the route of buying the Fajjen(sp?) kits from bass pro which includes the barrel and stock, but I'm not particularly fond of that stock really. What I'm looking to buy at some point would be this stock or something like it.....

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Bedding (if you want a new stock.............get it now)
bolt rework
barrel or barrel rework

A barrel will usually be your biggest improvement, BUT, you will never know how well your original barrel will shoot until you eliminate all the varibles. It may be quite acceptable with the right ammo, once everything else is eliminated......................you won't know until you try and test.


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i suggest you divide these upgrades into 2 categories

1st: upgrades that make the gun more accurate

2nd: upgrades that make it easier to shoot more accurately

the barrel will show you the biggest increase in accuracy..... a simple hammer replacement with a volq/etc or modded factory (see the stickies in action section) will do alot for your trigger pull....

with the exception of the barrel/chamber, all the other stuff can be done by most tinkerers very easily with few tools/supplies... you don't need a machine shop to make these things shoot!!!

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